Important Attributes for Creating a Wedding Image of the Bride

The wedding dress is one of the most important things the bride should have for her perfect look. Nevertheless, accessories can make a difference when it comes to the image of a pretty lady. The classical bridal look can be minimalistic. But it does not mean that zero add-ons will be used for the gorgeous appearance of the bride.

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What Is Included in the Image of the Bride?

Together with the dress, there are plenty of things to get ready with. For example, the main details of the wedding image of the bride can include a lady’s manicure, hairstyle, underwear, and many more. Let’s make a bridal checklist to pay attention to each accessory and attribute before the wedding ceremony:

  • Wedding dress – the basis of the bridal look. Select designer models to be sure that they will be tailored according to your individual body measurements and made of the best fabrics.
  • Veil – this is the optional attribute today. Not all brides wear it at their ceremonies. But if you want to add the veil to your image, be sure that it fits your look.


  • Wedding shoes – the footwear should be comfortable for you. If you select high-heel shoes for the ceremony, take low-heel ones that suit your look to give your legs some rest after dancing and other active moves.
  • Bride’s underwear – the necessary accessory that can help you or even ruin your look. Try the wedding dress with the underwear you are going to put on. Some outfits will look better without a bra. It depends on the design and your comfort level. Select underwear of the same color your dress is. For pants, it is better to choose seamless to make them invisible under the skirt.


  • Wedding hair and makeup – do not hide your back, shoulders, and neck if you have a wedding dress with these open body parts. Think of the hairdo that will highlight the brilliance of your outfit. The same story is with makeup. It should harmonize with your look and make your face shine and sparkle. Make an accent on the lips or on the eyes. Do not be afraid of bright colors. This way your photos will be extremely eye-catching
  • The bride’s bouquet is an exceptional attribute of the wedding ceremony. If you combine light colors in the decorations with one more bright (blue, red, orange), add these patterns to the flowers and add-ons of this bunch. It can be the color of the flower or some bright ribbons.


  • Stockings and bridal garter – let these accessories fit your underwear and the outfit. You may think that these attributes are invisible under your clothes. But the details complete the general picture.
  • Jewelry – massive earrings or a sparkling necklace can complete your look and even make your face and neck slimmer. Remember that wedding decorations matter. Try them on together with other components of your image.

Among additional but also important accessories you may need for your look are a clutch bag to put lipstick, powder, and other things here, a shrug or a cardigan for the evening (even if you pretend on the groom’s jacket), hair essentials to improve your hairstyle on your own, and a little not as an old bridal tradition.

To Sum Up

The bride is the key figure of the wedding. That is why her image should be perfect. The bride will feel confident and attractive if all the attributes together with her wedding dress will be ready before the ceremony.

The awesome look depends on the balance and harmony of the wedding manicure, outfits, shoes, hairstyle, makeup, and jewelry. Do not forget about the veil, garters, underwear, and stockings to complete your image and make all eyes on you, the most gorgeous bride in the world!